Giving Back

This last month, i’ve had the pleasure of being asked to talk to Y12 students about to embark on their A-levels and present some Awards to Pupils at my old school.

IMG_8917Engaging with the youth of today is so important for the future of everyone, as we progress within this every changing world.

The school and the opportunities that students have now are staggering compared to what I had back in the late 80’s, early 90’s.  I believe that the future is bright for our budding young filmmakers and entrepreneurs.  I hope the advice I gave them helps them achieve their dreams, as I have set out to do with mine.

It also makes me aware of our duty to make sure those opportunities are made available to those who truly strive to achieve in their chosen profession.

I for one will endeavour to make that a reality going forward with my businesses and career.

The TV/Film Industry is a tough one, with lots of competition, but also lots of amazing opportunities. Follow your dreams and good luck with all your futures.

A special thank you to all the teachers and pupils at Ryburn Valley High, whom have created an exciting and encouraging environment for all to succeed this past year.  The pupils whom I worked with on the Channel 4 Drama series Ackley Bridge, were professional and I look forward to hopefully have the chance to work with them again on the new series.

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